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Detailed Explanation of the Porosity Test

There is a relatively simple test to determine your hair's porosity:

  1. Get a glass of room-temperature water.
  2. Take a few of your hairs (eg, from your brush or comb). They should be clean and dry, without any residues of styling products that could affect the test.
  3. Place your hair on the surface of the water.
  4. Wait for 3 minutes and observe the result:

There are three types of porosity, determined by the shape and tightness of the cuticles:

  • Low porosity hair: these hairs have very dense, tight, and closed cuticles. They may limit hydration and the proper absorption of treatments by the hair. The use of Ôtentik's heating cap helps open the cuticles as needed.
  • Medium porosity hair: the cuticles have a “normal” opening, allowing water and nutrients to circulate optimally. Hair looks shiny and feels soft without requiring special care.

  • High porosity hair: the cuticles are very open, and the cuticle layer is damaged, allowing hydration to enter but also exit too quickly. Treatments don't have enough time to work well because nutrients are not sufficiently captured and retained.

The time spent under the heating cap is reduced by half (compared to low porosity), but it's important to seal in moisture at the end of your care routine with the strengthening Oil, as mentioned in the 4-step hair care routine.

Note: Please note that your porosity type may change as you continue to use Ôtentik products.

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