Ôtentik & Proud Inc.

Taking back control of my hair.

Welcome to Ôtentik – the leading brand that allows black and mixed race individuals to take care of their natural hair with very high quality products.

We are proud of our basic lineup made of five distinct hair products, along with a growth serum and a dietary supplement, all crafted from natural ingredients.

Our products ensure the health, strength, beauty and regrowth of your hair. 

To complement the process and maximize results, we also offer accessories designed to assist you on your hair care journey.

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Feel Beautiful and Confident

Our Montreal-based company was founded by a black woman who had difficult hair experiences due to the unique texture of her hair and the lack of knowledge about how to enhance its beauty without pain.

We understand the challenges that black and mixed race people can have; which is why our mission is to educate and help them in beautifying their natural hair.

We pride ourselves on our educational approach because we know that it will help you understand and take care of your natural hair in a healthy and effective way.

On our website, you will discover a comprehensive range of resources to fulfill your needs, including tips and tricks on styling your hair in a beautiful manner.

If you are looking for superior quality of natural hair products that will enhance your beauty and boost your confidence, Ôtentik is your ultimate solution.


Become an Independent Hair Care Consultant

As a hair care consultant, you will have the opportunity to promote our high-quality natural hair products, while helping black and mixed race individuals in bringing out the beauty and uniqueness of their natural hair.

Shop for our products with an independent hair consultant

Our consultants are trained to provide you with local guidance on the use of our products, to help you take care of your natural hair in a healthy and effective way.

Finding an independent hair care consultant is very easy with Ôtentik.


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